A is for Abe, who forgot his own race

B is for Bass, whom mega man faced

C is Clemintine, ripped by a zombie

D is Dillon who rolled at a bee

E is for Engie who got sapped, you see...

F is for Flintheart, who got no treasure

G is for Gavin, at anyone's pleasure

H is for Henry, in softy land

I is for Inmate, who left rapture tanned

J is for Juniper, got raped by Apollo

K is for Killers that get killed, I know

L is Lucario, somehow what fainted

M is for Munch, who left fluffies tainted

N is for Noob, in a first person shooter

O is for Omlette, some health for our looter

P is for Pheonix, suicide guilty

Q is for Q-bert whoms controls were wilty

R is for Ronald, have a happy meal

S is For Sonic, got killed by a wheel

T is for Tonic, used against poison

U is for Underdog, games that won't moisten

V is for villager, used for demise

W for WoW, fan-cunts ain't wise

X is Xanomorph, killed by many

Y is for You, sucks at games such any

Z is for Zelda who asked to Triforce