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Welcome to the Epic Galaxy Wiki, Username of the user! This is the Epic Galaxy. It's just a private wiki for a couple of friends, so if you weren't invited, kindly leave. If you are, welcome to the crib!


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Make a page - just for kicks. This can be your sandbox wiki if you want, or just make random pages that make no sense. After all, this wiki is just for fun.

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Welcome to the Epic Galaxy! Only invitees can join, so if you haven't been invited, you can evade an infinite block by leaving.

Derpeh Admin Messaging
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Taco: Hai guise. .3.

Kidzrule: Wassup taco

AtLeastNotVanity: Hi am I doing this right

Kidzrule: No but i am too lazy to do it right

Taco: I fixed it for ya. .3.

Bon: Hey tubs of goo :P.

Kidzrule: Its bon!

Taco: Illiterate swine, you have to do it BEFORE the </div>.
  Kidzrule: I wasnt even trying to do that XD
Unknown Person:No one knows who I am (don't check history XD)

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